Enjoy The Pleasure of Owning a Well Trained Labrador Dog

Owning a Labrador can be a wonderful experience.
However, it is a large and powerful dog, so to enjoy the experience, you must be in full control at all times.
This includes both in your home, and when you are out and about.



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 Dear Fellow Labrador Lover,

You Could Soon be Enjoying the Real Benefits of Owning a Well Trained Labrador

Owning a Labrador dog or a puppy can be one of the most wonderful things you ever do. If you have a family, a dog will make a positive contribution to your family life. A dog also adds new dimensions to your children's life experience, helping to build responsibility and character

Walking the dog can be fun and companionship between you and your dog can be very rewarding. Long winter nights can be enhanced by having a much loved Labrador dog sleeping near the hearth. You can enjoy the pleasure of an enthusiastic warm greeting you get when you come home after a long weary day at work.

However, all this can only happen if you learn how to train your Labrador to fit into your family life style. This is not difficult if you learn the correct way to train your dog.

The down-loadable book we are offering you here, "Labrador Training ", will do just that. It is based on training your dog, in your own home, using a reward based method. This is our version of the Alpha Dog (Alpha Wolf) method.

A Trained Dog is More Responsive to You which Saves You Time and Frustration

A Trained Dog is More Responsive to You. This means that the dog obeys your instructions quickly when necessary. For example if someone rings the front door bell you need to be able to go to the door without your dog barking and jumping all over the place. Instead you instruct your dog to sit and stay, which it does until you call it to you. Alternatively you may want your dog to quietly accompany you to the door before you open it.

From this book "Labrador Training" You will learn all the usual dog training requirements but also other important controls

You will learn how to train your Labrador to: Sit, Stay, Down, Fetch, Come Here, walk to heel etc.

You will learn to control your
Labrador when out and about even with distractions such as other
people, other dogs and traffic etc.

You will learn about socialising your Labrador with other dogs and people.

You will learn how to assume the role of the Alpha Dog for more effective training

You will learn about exercising your dog off the leash whilst maintaining control.

How to stop your Dog pulling on the leash. Find out how to reduce or eliminate this behaviour.

How to deal with with separation anxiety especially when your
Labrador does not want to be "home alone".

How to house train your

How to apply the "10 second rule" (without this you may never successfully train your Dog).

How to stop your Dog chewing things such as your furniture or carpet.

How to stop your Dog racing outside when you open the door. (Especially when visitors call)

How to get control of your barking Dog and stay friends with your neighbours.

How to control your
Labrador when meeting people especially if it has a habit of "jumping up".

How to stop your Dog from trying to fight with other dogs.

How professional dog trainers achieve results quickly and how you can learn the secret art of "Dog Whispering".

How to help your
Labrador to get used to travelling in your car.

How to improve your
Labrador's overall behaviour.

And much much more including information on dog psychology, meal times, tools to help you and also kids n' dogs.

Your Labrador's responsiveness to your commands can be essential when you are out and about. If a hazardous or dangerous situation were to arise, it is comforting to know you can call your dog to you or instruct it to sit and stay whilst you sort out what to do. This is the sort of response that can save your dog's life in an emergency.

When Your Dog is Trained, Visitors to Your Home Including Children will not Feel Threatened

In some homes, visitors are a non event as far as the dog is concerned but there are dogs that go wild at the sound of the door bell. Then the dog is "all over your visitors" jumping up and generally misbehaving.

This can be very worrying, especially if there are small children accompanying your visitors. You really do not want this behaviour, however, the training to prevent it happening is not too difficult and you can quickly retrain your dog to behave quietly when ever visitors arrive. You can also keep your dog under control for the time that your visitors are with you.

Take Your Labrador Anywhere Without the Worry of Being a Nuisance or Risk to Others

Once trained, you take your Labrador out for a walk knowing your dog will be reliable with children, strangers and any other dogs that you might meet. This will give you much more confidence and enjoyment during your walk, allowing you to eventually return home refreshed and relaxed.

It also means that you can take your Labrador to a wide range of locations such as in a busy street, to the local park, country walks and visits to the homes of friends and relatives. Your dog should also be safe to take to selected events in your neighborhood such as a dog show.

Travelling With Your Labrador by Car Will be Much Easier and Less Stressful

If you need to take your Labrador with you when you travel you need everything to be under control. This is very important when travelling by car because there are safety concerns.

It is possible to train almost any dog to settle down and relax during your journey, however long the journey might be. Of course, there are things you need to arrange before the journey and items you should carry with you.

If your dog is nervous of car travel there are several simple steps that you can take to reduce and eliminate that nervousness. In the book "Labrador Training" there are a number of useful tips on how to travel safely with your dog and some of the safety equipment you might fit into your car.

From Bad Dog to Good Dog -Training will Help You to Correct Your Dog's Unwanted Bad Habits

Many of us only start to think of training our dog when some unwanted behaviour develops. However, it is essential to know how to respond properly. Shouting or beating the hell out of your dog will not work, in fact it will only make matters worse because your dog gets confused.

The methods you will learn from this book "
Labrador Training " are based on rewards for good behaviour. This includes treats, toys and lots and lots of praise. You will soon learn to reinforce your dog's good behavior. Believe me it works, and much more quickly than with any other type of training.

Most bad traits in dogs can be trained out and good habits established and reinforced but first you need to be able to communicate to your Labrador Dog what is good behaviour and what is not.

Yes, in the worst cases it may take some weeks to get a satisfactory result, but if you follow the guidance in this book and persist you will succeed in improving your dog's behaviour.

Learn the TRUE Alpha Dog Method of Training Your Dog

Some of the training methods that you will learn in the book "Labrador Training" are based on what we call the Alpha Dog Principle, however, there is a problem with that.

The term was originally based on the Alpha male or female of a wolf pack. Dogs are close cousins of wolves and we can use this fact to help us develop training methods that use natural canine behaviour.

Many professional dog trainers soon jumped on this particular band wagon, however, they had the wrong model in mind. They focused on the macho human alpha male such as James Bond or perhaps that loud mouthed bullying boss at work (I hope you do not have one of these!).

This meant that their dog training system was based on achieving a submissive dog, which might do as it was told but which actually could become scared and nervous. A dog trained like this looses trust and confidence in humans and it becomes less responsive to training in the future.

Our Alpha dog reference is based on the Alpha Wolf. In a wolf pack individuals need to work together in a coordinated social group, especially when hunting in hostile territory. Everything would fall apart if there were constant battles for supremacy amongst the pack members.

In the book you will learn all about how you can use some of the Alpha Wolf's natural leadership behaviour. To help you to train your own Labrador. You will find there is very little shouting and no force involved in getting your own way with your dog.

Training Your Labrador, will Develop a Closer Bond with Your Best Friend

One thing about training your own dog is that you will notice an ever growing bond between you and your dog. The stronger the bond, the easier it is to get your dog to do your bidding. This is especially true in unfamiliar situations. Your dog will still concentrate your actions and signals even if there are distractions around.

Your Labrador Will be a Dog To Be Proud Of

I know it's a bit smug, but it is rather satisfying that when you are out with your Labrador, and when meeting people, your dog's behaviour is impeccable.

Bear in mind that, you have done all the work to get your Labrador up to a high standard of behaviour. So, perhaps you can allow yourself a little smugness.

Why Does This Labrador Training Guide Stand Out From The Rest ?

You will find that this manual is quite different to most of the dog training books or videos that you may encounter.

This book is based on many years of experience of dog training. However, the training methods have evolved as new ideas are incorporated so that this book represents the latest in dog training methods.

The training methods described in the book are based on an Alfa Dog Training method developed from studies of Wolf packs in the wild. It is not the same as the methods used by some well known dog trainers including those shown on TV who include physical restraint and submission in their training program.

The use of methods which include forcing a dog to submit via restraint and punishment have no place in modern dog training.

This book "Labrador Training" is especially useful because:

1) The book teaches you a "method" of training rather than how to train a dog to carry out basic individual obedience requirements. Therefore, the relationship that Labrador has with you, carries over into unexpected situations. The sort of situation you could not have trained your dog for.

2) , This training guide is based on techniques related to the nature and instincts of the dog. These techniques are "dog friendly" and are the basis of the mysterious system known as"Dog Whispering" or "Dog Listening".
Actually, it is not all that mysterious, but simply utilizes nature and the dog's natural evolved instincts.

Using this method, you will be able to master these secrets quite quickly. This method will also be the foundation for any subsequent training you wish to undertake in years to come.

3) It is a lot more comprehensive so that you are not left high and dry wondering what to do next, especially if something is not working out as you wanted it to do.

Why does this Labrador training method work?

Your dog evolved from a common wolf like ancestor of all dogs and wolves. Therefore, their basic instincts are very similar. By studying wolves in their natural environment we can pick up some of the natural communication skills of the Alpha Wolf and how it leads the wolf pack. Using this information we can improve our methods of communicating with our own dog. This makes training a dog much more effective

Can You Become the "Pack Leader" ?

This is really not difficult. There are about 25 things that mark you as a pack leader in your dog's mind. Fortunately you only need to learn about 4 or 5 of these to improve your control of your dog.

In fact there should be no leadership contest. Your
Labrador will be happy to accept you as pack leader - it just wants the roles defined and maintained so that it knows that there is someone in charge (you) and it knows it's own"Status Quo". This book teaches you how to achieve it.

Reduced Vet's Bills

Training your Labrador gives you control over your dog However there are additional add on benefits.
A well trained dog is a contented dog which makes for less anxiety, less stress and better health for your dog. Also, you will learn how to play safely with your dog thus avoiding accidents.  The result is fewer visits to the vet and the inevitable vet's bills. This book "Labrador Training" actually saves you money.

Easy Steps to Successful Dog Obedience

This book "Labrador Training"  is laid out in easy and logical steps. It starts with some simple dog psychology to help you understand how your dog thinks. It also includes details about how to solve many serious dog behaviour problems.

There are illustrations to help you learn some of the special techniques and there are many useful tips that will make your life as a Labrador Dog owner much easier.

 Easy Learning       

The "Labrador Training" book has been produced with the inexperienced dog trainer in mind.
The exercises are described in plain language with accompanying illustrations where these will be of help.
The guide is intentionally in written form because this is actually easier to follow when you are trying to learn new exercises.
Whilst DVD's can be helpful for a single simple exercise, they can be hard to follow. Having to repeatedly replay
a short section of the DVD to see the detail of what is happening can be very tiresome. You can print out extra sheets of specific exercises from the book and carry these with you when you are training your dog outdoors.

Easy To Download

Even if you have never downloaded anything from the Internet before you will find the download instructions simple to follow.
You start the download of your eBook (electronic download to your computer or Laptop) by clicking the "Buy Now" payment button which takes you to a Paypal page. Here you can log in to Paypal, if you have an account, or select to proceed as a Guest..
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Once your payment is made, you are automatically transferred back to a landing page, on our website, from where you download your book.
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Real Value For Money

This book is real value for money. The information will never go out of date and will be a constant reference for you. However there is even more on offer - see below:

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Exercising your dog
Diets for dogs
Typical dog weight chart
Selecting your dog's food
Nutrition for dogs
Feeding your dog
Food not safe for dogs
Human food your dog can eat
Assessing your dog's health
Basic first aid for dogs

Grooming Your Dog  £2.97 ($3.97)
This is a useful book which gives guidance and tips on grooming and bathing your dog. It covers the basic grooming tools you need. It includes details of the best method for grooming and also bathing your dog. There is useful information about health checks you can carry out whilst grooming and the important but careful requirement for clipping your dog's nails.

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"Labrador Training" is designed to help you to enjoy the pleasure of owning a well behaved dog. The book teaches you how to achieve a happy and stable home life for you, your family and your Labrador. A trained dog will make a positive contribution to the quality of your life at home.

The down loadable book we are offering you here, "Labrador Training", will do just that. It is based on training your dog, in your own home, using a reward based method. This is our version of the Alpha Dog (Alpha Wolf) method and actually, you will find this dog training program is fun.

As the book "Labrador Training" comes bundled with the two FREE bonus books "Essential Care For Your Dog" and "Grooming Your Dog" You will be getting a virtual "DOG OWNER'S BIBLE". Something that will last you for many years and be available for you to dip into whenever you have things you need to know as a Labrador Dog Owner. It really is value for money and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee

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Remember, this book teaches you how to achieve a happy and stable home life for your family and your best friend. You could begin training your
Labrador within a few hours

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The book "Labrador Training" together with the FREE Bonuses represents real value for money. Don't delay ordering your copy NOW. Remember you are covered by our 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied so that there is zero risk in ordering

Here's wishing you and your dog lots of good luck in the future